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Are there any games that are like Fairy Tail? like where you can join a guild and do quests and stuff, preferably english and on psp, but pc or ps 3 is fine by me too. How many Dragons are there in total in Fairy Tail? - Anime ... According to the Fairy Tail wiki, there are 18 Dragons who have been given a name. However in the Grand Magic Games arc we learn that 400 years ago the world was ruled by dragons. Many a Dragon were slain, and thus, the humans became known as Dragon Slayers. Fairy Tail – Portable Guild (Japan) – DroidTrix Fairy Tail Portable Guild(フェアリーテイル ポータブルギルド)is the first video game of Fairy Tail released by Konami for Play Station Portable. The game features an original game-exclusive story and covers the following story arcs from the manga: Macao arc, Daybreak arc, Lullaby arc, Galuna Island arc, Phantom Lord arc and ... Video Games | Fairy Tail Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Below is a list of video games that are based on or include characters from the popular manga and anime series Fairy Tail, by Hiro Mashima.

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Fairy Tail Anime Gets Action RPG App This Fall - Anime News Network Aug 1, 2018 ... Fuji Games announced on Wednesday that it is producing a new smartphone action role-playing game based on Hiro Mashima 's Fairy Tail ... Fairy Tail - Watch on Crunchyroll

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5 Recommended Fairy Tail Video Games - 4 Nov 2015 ... This is mostly because the majority of Fairy Tail games are only available in Japanese, and have received very little coverage in the Western ... OMFG New Fairy Tail Game 2018 Project Teaser Trailer - YouTube 26 Jan 2018 ... Follow a Panda on Twitter What im Watching & Reading FAIRY TAIL: HERO'S JOURNEY play Game.

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Watch Fairy Tail Online for Free | Stream Full Episodes | Tubi Watch Fairy Tail Free Online. Four young wizards from the most destructive guild in Fiore team up to take jobs, forging a bond more powerful than any magic and keeps growing. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows Fairy Tail - Wikipedia Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen ... 5 Recommended Fairy Tail Video Games - Nov 4, 2015 ... It's been a while since we've had any new Fairy Tail video game ... While there have been a lot of anime popularized internationally it's actually ...

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This Fairy Tail movie bridges the gap between story arcs beautifully, but you'll have to be caught up to follow the action. Rebecca Silverman has the details. Episode 288 - Fairy Tail: Final Season - Anime News Network In an excellent show of support from that guild, they've rushed to Alvarez using Blue Pegasus' special anti-motion sickness skyship just in time for Laxus to play Zeus.