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Video Poker Basic Strategy | Jacks Or Better

Easy Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy June 9, 2015 By The Mystic Gambler Leave a Comment Maybe you’ve heard the playing video poker is the best game in the casino if you learn the strategy. Jack Or Better — Strategy for Beating Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategies Jacks or Better Simple Strategy Jacks or Better Simple Introduction The following strategy is my "simple strategy" for jacks or better video poker. Better the strategy on a fullpay machine will result in an expected return of Compared to the optimal strategy return of Suppose you have the following hand. Video Poker Basic Strategy | Jacks Or Better Below, you may see a basic jacks or better strategy video poker strategy that will tell you what cards to discard and what cards to keep in order to have the best chances to win. Make sure that you hold the cards that you have according to the system below: 1. Five low cards. Discard all five cards. 2. One high card (Jack, Queen, King or Ace).

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PLAYING JACKS OR BETTER CLASS GAMES STRATEGY. In the first nine chapters of this guide you have learned all of the background information necessary to become a skilled live casino or online video poker player. You are now ready for the “meat” of this guide. Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy | JoB VP Strategy JACKS OR BETTER VIDEO POKER STRATEGY. In this section, we’ll outline a simple strategy for Jacks or Better poker machines. The first strategy chart will outline the strategy for full pay (9/6) machines and 8/5 machines. Jacks Or Better Strategy - Video Poker - Gambling - Page 1 -...

Video Poker Basic Strategy | Jacks Or Better

Jacks or Better Strategy - Draw Hands Defined. In this strategy we have an "arsenal" of ten hand groups, with names that are consistent with the " Best Shot" theme, for waging video poker war against the Jacks or Better machines. How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker How to play Jacks-or-Better video poker machines. This popular casino game has the same rules as five-card draw poker with some of the best payouts.Your game will be improved by using a strategy chart prepared by expert players according to the rules of probability. You can buy a strategy card at... Play Video Poker Online Jacks Or Better

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Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy & Rules | ThePOGG Jacks or Better is one of three principal Video Poker games that have been modified to create most of the games that are available today. It’s probably fair to consider Jacks or Better the mother of all Video Poker games and anywhere you find any Video Poker games it’s highly likely you’ll find Jacks or Better. The Best Jacks or Better Strategy Tips to Win | Planet 7 ... Jacks or Better video poker offers some of the best odds in the casino. The best version of Jacks or Better video poker, the 9/6 variant, has a payback percentage of 99.5%, which is better for the player than just about any other game in the casino.Even 8/5 Jacks or Better has a payout percentage of 97.3%, which is far worse than a full pay but still far better than most bets on most other ... Jacks or Better Video Poker - The Reasons Why it is Only ... Jacks or Better (JoB) is not only a high-paying video poker variant, but it’s also one of the best-paying casino games, period.. Using perfect strategy on the right version of JoB, you can achieve 99.54% payback.In other words, an expert player will only deal with a 0.46% house edge.. Let’s look at how other popular casino games compare to JoB in terms of house advantage:

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The cards in the game of Jacks or Better Video Poker are ranked based on the standard sequence of the cards i.e.: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Poker Hands: The hand ranking in Jacks or Better is the same as the standard game of poker. FREE VIDEO POKER 4U Similar Free Video Poker Games: If you like our Jacks or Better Video Poker game you might also enjoy playing our Double Double Bonus Video Poker which offers you even more winnings hands, or maybe you would like to try a game with some wild cards like our Free Deuces & Jokers Video Poker. Free Jacks or Better Online | Play Our No Download Version Our Video Poker Strategy page delves into all the nitty gritty aspects of the game. Free Jacks or Better Hand Rankings. If you’ve opted to play CasinoTop10’s Free Jacks or Better, we recommend that you memorize the poker ranks in the correct order from top to bottom because this is what defines your winnings in Jacks or Better.